How to go to maldives on a Low Budget - Travel Destination and tips How to go to maldives on a Low Budget - Travel Destination and tips

How to go to maldives on a Low Budget

I will tell you this, you can got to Maldives having a very low budget. These are some of the tips on how to go to Maldives even you have a low budget.

Many people were thinking that going to  the Maldives will cost you a very big amount, well most of the time yes, but here I want you to know that Maldives isn't just for those who have a good budget or let say wealthy people. Yes Maldives is one of the famous travel destination in the world it compose of a luxurious resorts, very clear lagoon, and a nice diving site. It’s a perfect place to a traveler who want to relax and enjoy.

Flights to go to Maldives.

Now there are flights coming from different hubs to Maldives with a cheap fares starting at $150.
If you are coming from Asia you can choose these two hubs, book your flight ticket from Air Asia Airline in their website   the flight will be from Malaysia to Maldives.Singapore to Maldives with TigerAir airline ,  also from Colombo to Maldives with  Mihin lanka Airline  for just around $150 one way ticket, and also Emirates is having a cheap ticket from Dubai to Maldives starts at $300, feel free to choose your  seats and dates at  your convenient  with these very reasonable budget.

or you can Search and compare flights on JetRadar
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maldives low budget

Rooming Around with low Budget

Maldives has 1,200 islands, and you only can access these islands by taking ferry, speedboat or seaplane. If your transportation were arranged by an agencies, hotels or resorts are quite expensive. But if you are not into  hurry, you can take ferries or what they called "Dhoni" with a lesser fare rather than spending roughly $100 for a speedboat, you can just pay $5 per way but the n again it will take 2 hrs for you to wait until you get into your destination.

From airport to Male (capital city of Maldives) it only cost you less than $1 for it is just 10Rf  (Maldivian Currecy) per person and taking taxi in the main City will cost Rf25 less than $2. Checking the Dhoni ferry schedule would be  a big help for you to save since they are not operating everyday, normally  they operates at the odd tims and alternate days (check this link). 
Choose and plan which island you want to go.

Check The Full Map Of the Maldives

Maldives low budget

Low budget Accommodation

We all know staying in luxurious resort it’s very expensive. But there is an alternative for that. Instead of going to a resort, you can stay in Local Island and in that Island most of it has a small hotels or guesthouse where they also have a nice beaches. It will fit in your budget, a minimum of $100-$200 per night depending on the location of the hotel.

And yes I know! Your visit in Maldives will  not complete if you miss to go in a private luxurious resort of course that is the Maldives all about, will I'm happy to tell you that even if you staying in the local Island guesthouses you can definitely do excursions such as Day visit in the resort, instead of paying Thousands of hundred dollars, you can visit there and use their facilities for just around $70-150$ per person with breakfast or lunch, get to click more pictures for souvenirs and you can do that again day after if you wish to visit to another resorts as well.

Staying in a guest house will surely not make you bored for they have a lot of activities offered. Water sports. Day Visit, Diving, Fishing, City Tour and many more with reasonable prices. So why spend more? Enjoy the Maldives without getting broke, low budget will complete your vacation.  
Maldives low budget

Budget foods:

$5-$10 per meal not to bad right?
travel maldives on low budget

The Traditional foods in Maldives have always been fish prepared in a creative ways. They are love to eat hot and spicy dishes like curries and a sweet hot tea as a drink.
If you stay in a guest house or hotel, some of them offer a free breakfast. But if you want to find an affordable foods, just rooming around there are local restaurant offers a typical Maldivian meal like masroshi pastries, mas riha fish curry, papadhu, grilled fish, rice and sweet black tea. If you want to do a barbecue you can buy fresh fish from the fishermen and I 'am sure in every island in Maldives have a barbecue area.

travel maldives on low budget

Affordable Excursion:

Visiting in Maldives will not be complete if you miss to experience some of this excursion (whale watching, big fish catching, dolphin watching, diving and more). Most of the guest house or hotel offers this adventure, but I know some of the guesthouse offers lite expensive. Just explore the island and ask other guesthouse the price of their excursion and there are small booth also in the beach. Don’t hesitate to ask and compare the price which is best offer. In this way you can save more than if you book in the resort or booking engine like trip advisory. For the info its 50$-100$ in every excursion.

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travel maldives on low budget

Things need to remember:

In every country there are different law we need to follow. Maldives is 100% Muslim, this things are not allowed to enter or to bring in this country to avoid hassle or confusion in the airport, Pork Products(but some private resort have), alcohol (even you bought from duty free or in plane but you can buy in private resort only), Bible, Tobacco product without healthy sign printed, dog.

In the local Beach you are not allowed to ware 2 piece (only in private resort). When you are in the airport highly recommended to read some guidelines and law in this country for a hassle free trip.

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Best time to visit Maldives

Maldives is a real paradise need to include in your travel destination list, a very wonderful place to spent holiday and enjoy the adventure in the Indian Ocean on a low budget. hope this article will help you on how to go to Maldives with a low budget.

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